Top Things To Know About Outside Plant Engineering Permitting And Construction

Network site design is a complex, multi-pronged process. At Ridge Communications, Inc., we masterfully handle all stages of these projects. From site acquisition to outside plant services, we do it all. The following are a few important things to know about outside plant engineering permitting and construction.

Our extensive experience in this industry has made us adept at expediting permit approvals. We know which problems to anticipate and mitigate before submitting applications. We also know the best strategies for resolving them successfully, accurately, and within limited time.

Our outside plant (OSP) engineers can establish feasible, practical plans in nearly all environments. We design and building the infrastructure for telecommunications systems below ground and in the air. Whether using fiber optic systems, wireless, or cable, we can help you meet your goals. Best of all, we can do so on budget and on your schedule.

We can take care of all necessary feasibility studies and share in-depth documentation of all proposed routes for infrastructure. We help our clients analyze the benefits and drawbacks of each of their geographic options, and we perform careful risk analyses. These efforts minimize the risk of experiencing unexpected problems and they also limit the likelihood of frustrating project delays.

Our OSP drafting technicians create print illustrations and drawings of all pertinent features. These includes poles, conduits, and cables among other things. We work with outside plant technicians to determine the best method of implementing these drawings for affordability, sustainability, and enduring results.

With an expansive and diverse team of seasoned industry professionals in-house, we’re able to supply seamless, end-to-end solutions for all our clients. After research and data analysis are done, we collaborate across all departments to render our clients’ plans. To find out more about our work process or schedule an appointment, contact Ridge Communications, Inc. Today!