Outside Plant, Engineering, Permitting, and Construction

RCI provides engineering services to help clients create a seamless network site design geared for today’s needs and future growth.

Outside Plant Services

  • Fiber Feasibility and Route Planning

  • Aerial Make Ready Engineering, Permitting, and Attachment Authorizations

  • California JPA and JPC Attachments and Approvals

  • Wind Loading, Pole Structural Evaluations, Intrusive Pole Inspections

  • Pole Attachment and High Fire Threat Area Inspections, California G.O. 95 Compliance

  • Underground Substructure Engineering and Permitting

  • ILEC Leased Structure Applications, Engineering, Permitting, and Installation

  • Traffic Control Planning and Permitting

  • Aerial Plant Construction and Installation

  • Underground Plant Construction and Installation

  • OSP DAS and Small Cell Site Construction and Installation

  • Forced Relocations, Undergrounding, and Pole Transfers, Including DAS and Small Cells

  • Last Mile Surveys, Engineering, Construction, and Building Entries

  • EV Charging Stations

  • Project Management