Site Acquisition

RCI specializes in wireless telecommunications deployments for Wireless Carriers, Enterprise Customers and for Public Safety. Our team of trained professionals ensure that each step of the site development process is completed in a timely, cost efficient and organized fashion.

Site Acquisition Services:

  • A&E services including zoning, construction drawings, structural analysis, and structure mapping

  • Leasing and Zoning Submittals and Approvals

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Government Regulation/Community Outreach

  • A&E services including Zoning Exhibits, Construction Drawings, Structural Analysis, and Structure Mapping

  • Planning and permitting

  • Photo Simulations

  • Utility coordination

  • State and federal highway permitting

  • Railroad right-of-way agreements

  • Excavation Permits

  • Aerial and Underground Encroachment Permits

  • Flood control Permits

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Agency Coordination

  • City council/HOA meetings

  • Planning/Zoning meetings

  • Notification Packages

  • Land Surveys

  • Right-of-way Research

  • Program and Construction Management