Ridge Communications Expands Existing DAS Network in Inglewood, CA

When you are challenged to upgrade to C-Band and extend the DAS network to the parking lot, you find an expert who is experienced in overcoming telecommunication challenges.

Because the Ridge team continues to play a vital role in maintaining reliability after establishing a wireless network, we were consulted to upgrade the DAS network to the DAS Pole in a stadium parking lot in Inglewood, California. With our expertise in designing and installing indoor and outdoor DAS networks, Ridge was selected to upgrade and extend the network into parking lot N. The scope of work consisted of four major components:

1. Installation of two tri-band antennas on the existing 35-foot streetlight pole.
2. Installation of four C-Band Radios within the existing H-Frame structure in the adjoining compound.
3. Installation of the coax from the radios to the antennas (utilizing existing infrastructure).
4. Installation of all the new radios' necessary combiners, fiber jumpers, and power feeds.

The carriers and neutral host operator, DAS Group Professionals, selected the equipment for this project based on the need to provide an excellent telecommunications experience. They chose the Matsing MS-MBA-4.4.2-F2-H2-L2 multi-beam tri-band (low, high, and F) base station antennas and JMA Wireless MIMO 2×2 35T 3400-3800 MHz medium power fiber BDA. Once installed, these products deliver improved connectivity and range to the network.

While the scope of work to design and install the expansion of the DAS networks was straightforward, it was not without challenges. Because Ridge has the knowledge and years of expertise performing similar network expansions, the challenges associated with reusing the existing pole and conduits were planned for and overcome quickly by the Ridge team.

Obstacles Overcome

Ridge techs had to pull 16 lengths of coax through existing partially occupied conduits into and up the interior of the 35' 10-inch diameter steel streetlight pole. To successfully complete the coax installation, they utilized an AT235 aerial lift truck to carefully pull all 16 lengths of coax through the existing conduits. The partially occupied conduits feeding into the interior of the pole required extreme caution to ensure there was no disruption to existing services. Once all 16 lengths were successfully pulled through, the cables were connected, swept, and PIM tested. The final step involved installing the fiber jumpers and power feeds to the new radios, confirming green lights, and then assisting with the commissioning and call testing.

The Outcome

Ridge Communications successfully expanded the DAS network from inside the stadium out to the parking lot concluding another successful installation by our team.