Questions To Ask When Considering DAS Deployment

Are you looking to expand your network connectivity, yet you’re in a small and congested space? In such situations where a cell tower cannot be installed, DAS deployment is the best solution. It can be implemented in areas like shopping malls, schools, buildings, offices and others. Here are the top questions to ask your Distributed Antenna System contractor.

Will it be easily installed?

The last thing that you want is for your business operations to be disrupted. We provide solutions with minimal components. We also use fiber to connect to remote antennas. There’s also the option of using heavy coaxial cabling or all-fiber architecture. Since fiber is thin and light, it makes it easier to install in ceilings. We can also use systems that your staff is already familiar with, for instance, plug-and-play options also exist. This makes it simpler to install.

Is multi-operator support available?

Ask if the solution provided will support multiple mobile networks. This will help you to cater to all your clients and staff. Moreover, support for two-way radios and public safety radios can also be offered. You can choose an option that supports all frequencies within one system.

What is it going to cost us?

Network and site Installation is not cheap. It will cost you. However, the upside is that it will result in a bigger network capacity. The cost is used to cover the price of the equipment used, the tuning and the optimization of the system. It will cost more to have them installed in larger venues.

What is the project scope and timeline?

Discuss with us the scope and timeline of the project. We can provide a proposal that outlines the whole project and how it will be executed. This will cover the design, installation and testing of the system. We also provide ongoing maintenance.