Aerial Extension – Highway 101 in Carpinteria, California

The Highway 101 widening project was approved to carry traffic more effectively between Los Angeles and Central California. During Phase 4A of the overall project, Ridge Communications was contracted to install a new aerial span and the services they deliver to this beach community across the busy highway. To minimize traffic and service disruption, a critical portion of the work had to be completed at night.

The quaint beach town of Carpinteria, California, is located off Highway 101 between Ventura and Santa Barbara. The much-needed 16-mile highway expansion project disrupted this small town, and so there was a priority to minimize any additional disruption caused by installing the new aerial span. Anyone who has ever traveled between Santa Barbara and Ventura inevitably ended up stuck in the traffic congestion through Carpinteria, where the highway had only four lanes. This part of the highway is virtually the only way for people to travel between LA and Santa Barbara, a much-desired vacation location. Phase 4 project started in 2019 and is scheduled for construction closeout in 2025.

Ridge Communications completed the aerial span in Carpinteria on time and within budget, despite the challenges presented by night work and heavy traffic. This complex project required careful planning and execution, and we are proud of the successful outcome.

Despite the challenges, the project was a success. The Ridge team ran the new aerial span and services on time and within budget with minimal impact on the community and traffic flow within this busy section of Highway 101.

We completed the project over three days and one night while ensuring minimal disruption to traffic and services to the community. The project’s success was due to our highly skilled crew and coordination with CalTrans, California Highway Patrol, the City of Carpinteria, and Rincon Traffic Control.

Thank you to the community of Carpinteria for their patience during the project and our team for their hard work and dedication.

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