Several Solid Reasons To Hire DAS Deployment Contractors Today

If you’ve built in your business in a remote location or in an area with lots of wireless interference, now is the time to consider working with top DAS system installation specialists. With the right DAS deployment contractors, you can ensure continuity, optimize the performance of your company, and eliminate nearly unlimited connectivity-related frustrations. At Ridge Communications, Inc., we’re sharing several solid reasons to work with a Distributed Antenna System contractor.

Even heavy trees can cause Internet problems in certain areas. With DAS, you can install a network of antennas to ensure consistent wireless service. This is essential for maintaining contact with employees, keeping your technical equipment connected, and driving many essential operations. Without it, you might as well be functioning in the Dark Ages.

Your competitors have reliable wireless and to effectively compete with them, you should too. It’s impossible to keep customers happy when you can’t communicate with them effectively, track and record their issues, and implement real-time solutions. All of these efforts require connectivity and DAS can provide it. DAS can even be essential for maintaining contact with connected fleet vehicles for dispatch purposes, real-time schedule changes, and urgent interventions.

DAS systems are multi-dimensional. This way, if one antenna is affected by interference, you have all of the others within your network to keep things working as they should. Single-level solutions are incredibly fallible. With a layered communications plan, you’ll get far more consistent results.

Our systems are also critical for managing and responding to emergencies. With phones, computers, laptops, and other devices all reliant upon receiving wireless signals, there’s very little that you can do when location or interference knock your wireless capabilities down. To discover our complete range of DAS capabilities and learn more about how we can help you overcome your complete range of wireless challenges, get in touch with Ridge Communications, Inc. Today!